Replit-Code-v1 (3B)
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Replit-Code-v1 (3B)

Replit's powerful code completion model, replit-code-v1-3b, supports 20 languages.

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Replit-Code-v1 (3B)

Access Replit's 2.7B parameter code completion model, along with 100+ AI Models. 20 Supported programming languages in your hands.

Replit-Code-v1 (3B)

Basic Information

  • Model Name: Replit-Code-v1-3b
  • Developer/Creator: Replit
  • Release Date: 2023
  • Version: 1.0 3B
  • Model Type: Causal Language Model



replit-code-v1-3b is a 2.7B parameter Causal Language Model developed by Replit, Inc. The model is focused on code completion and has been trained on a diverse dataset of 20 programming languages, including Markdown, Java, JavaScript, Python, and more, totaling 525B tokens.

Key Features

  • Extensive permissively licensed training data
  • State-of-the-art results on HumanEval and Multi-PLe benchmarks
  • Broad multi-language support for Replit's top 30 programming languages
  • Latest techniques like Flash Attention, AliBi positional embeddings, and LionW optimizer
  • High-quality curated training data with specialized filtering and cleaning

Intended Use

The model is intended to be used by anyone as a foundation for application-specific fine-tuning without strict limitations on commercial use.

Language Support

The model supports 20 different programming languages: Markdown, Java, JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, PHP, SQL, JSX, reStructuredText, Rust, C, CSS, Go, C++, HTML, Vue, Ruby, Jupyter Notebook, R, Shell.

Technical Details


The model utilizes advanced techniques like Flash Attention and AliBi positional embeddings to enable efficient training and inference on long input sequences.

Training Data

  • The model was trained on a subset of the Stack Dedup v1.2 dataset, which contains 175B tokens across 20 programming languages.
  • The training data was repeated over 3 epochs, resulting in a total of 525B tokens used for training.
  • The model's knowledge cutoff date is unknown.

Performance Metrics

  • When fine-tuned on public Replit user code, the model outperforms much larger models like CodeLlama7B.
  • Comparison to other models: The model outperforms CodeLlama7B, a much larger model, on the HumanEval and Multi-PLe benchmarks.


API Example Usage

Ethical Guidelines

The model's training data went through data cleansing filters. Users are still advised to exercise reasonable caution when using the model in production systems.

License Type

The model checkpoint and vocabulary file are licensed under the Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA-4.0). The source code files are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Replit-Code-v1 (3B)

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