Jun 14, 2024

How to add my model to API?

Proposing a new model to be added to main API

Engaging with Our Community on Discord

Your first step towards suggesting a new model is to join our Discord community. This platform is not just for support; it's a place where ideas, feedback, and suggestions are openly discussed and considered.

Requesting Model Additions Through #feedback Channel

Here’s how you can propose the addition of your model:

  • Join the Discord Community: If you haven’t already, join our Discord community through the link provided on our website or in our communications.
  • Navigate to the #feedback Channel: Once you're in our Discord server, find the #feedback channel dedicated to suggestions and improvements.
  • Detail Your Proposal:
  • Create a post that details your model, its functionalities, and how it can benefit the AI/ML API community. Be sure to include:
  • The type of model and its use case.
  • Performance metrics or research backing your model.
  • Any other relevant information that would support your case.
  • Engage with the Community: Be prepared to discuss your proposal with other community members and answer any questions. Community interest can play a significant role in prioritizing new features and additions.

Our Approach to Community Feedback

We take community feedback seriously and are constantly looking to improve our offerings. Here’s what happens after you make a suggestion:

  • Review: Our team will review the proposed model to understand its potential impact and compatibility with our existing suite of models.
  • Consideration: We evaluate the feasibility of integrating the new model based on technical criteria, user demand, and strategic fit.
  • Communication: We’ll keep you updated on the status of your request and any decisions regarding its implementation.

Can I Expedite the Process?

While we cannot guarantee immediate action on all proposals, showing a strong community need or interest can help prioritize your request. Engage with other users to build support for your model.