May 11, 2024

OpenAI Set to New Search Tool, Heating Up Competition with Google

OpenAI is set to launch a new search tool, potentially rivaling Google, utilizing Microsoft's Bing technology, with a demo planned on May 13, 2024.

Impending Launch

OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, is gearing up to introduce a new web search product on Monday, May 13th. This move positions the startup for direct competition with Google, particularly interesting as it coincides with Google's IO event scheduled for May 14, 2024. Google IO is known for showcasing the tech giant's latest innovations, making the timing of OpenAI's launch particularly strategic.

OpenAI's New Search Tool: What to Expect

OpenAI's upcoming search product, which leverages Bing's technology, appears to be an enhanced search tool that may integrate aspects of Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing search assistant, Copilot. Leaks from a Twitter demo by researcher Tibor Blaho suggest the interface will feature a simple search bar, with results including summaries of web pages, relevant sources, and images. The tool is designed to provide concise 300-character English sentence summaries of web pages, aiming to deliver quick, high-level overviews rather than a traditional list of links.

Technical Underpinnings and User Insights

OpenAI already has partially taken on the role of Google. Now, they are reportedly planning on adding web search to ChatGPT, disrupting Google with a more personalized and advanced search experience.  Let's not forget, that reports of OpenAI developing such a product have been surfacing since February. This news shouldn't come as a surprise for a few reasons.

  • Firstly, OpenAI has its own web crawler called GPTBot.
  • Additionally, users of ChatGPT Plus can use Browse with Bing for web searches.
  • Furthermore, Microsoft Bing utilizes OpenAI's GPT-4, which has been customized specifically for search purposes.
  • Also - a week ago Reddit users noticed, how openAI registered an SSL certificate and a domain "", possibly hinting at future tool expansion.

Challenges and Market Context

Despite the buzz, OpenAI faces stiff competition. The search engine market has seen many challengers to Google’s dominance, yet Google remains the leader with a vast trove of search data. In April alone, Google recorded approximately 83.9 billion visits compared to ChatGPT's 1.6 billion, underscoring the uphill battle OpenAI faces.

Company Responses and Market Reactions

OpenAI has not commented officially ahead of its planned announcement. However, following media reports, the company indicated on social media that it would stream a live event to showcase updates to ChatGPT and GPT-4. CEO Sam Altman emphasized that the upcoming reveal would not feature GPT-5 or a new search engine, but would instead introduce exciting updates. This announcement led to a slight recovery in Alphabet’s stock, which had initially dropped by over 2% following rumors of OpenAI’s new product.

Looking Ahead

As the competition in AI-powered search intensifies, the industry watches closely. OpenAI's upcoming product launch could reshape market dynamics or, as history has shown, struggle to displace established giants like Google. The outcomes of these developments will likely influence the strategic directions of both emerging and incumbent tech players.

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