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Optimized for speed and affordability; ideal for basic, real-time multimodal AI tasks.


Claude-3-Haiku Model Card

Basic Information

Model Name: Claude-3-Haiku

Developer/Creator: Anthropic

Release Date: March 2024

Version: Haiku (Part of the Claude 3 series)

Model Type: Multimodal AI (text and image processing)

Context window: 200K



Claude 3 Haiku is the quickest and most streamlined model, offering near-instant responsiveness. It rapidly addresses simple queries and requests with exceptional speed. This allows users to create smooth AI-driven experiences that closely resemble human interactions.

Key Features:
  • High-speed processing capabilities for real-time applications.
  • Cost-effective model suitable for widespread deployment.
  • Supports basic multimodal tasks with streamlined functionality.
  • Optimized for quick interactions and lower resource consumption.
Intended Use:

Customer interactions involve providing rapid and precise support during live engagements, along with accurate translations to ensure clear communication across different languages. This helps in building trust and enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting their needs efficiently.

Content moderation is essential for identifying and mitigating risky behavior or inappropriate content in customer communications. It also plays a crucial role in promptly addressing customer requests, ensuring a safe and respectful online environment.

Cost-saving tasks include optimizing logistics and inventory management to reduce overhead and improve operational efficiency. Additionally, leveraging AI to extract valuable insights from unstructured data can significantly enhance decision-making processes and strategic planning, leading to further cost reductions.

Language Support:

Provides basic support for multiple languages, optimized for quick processing.

Technical Details


Uses a streamlined version of the architectures employed in more advanced Claude models, focusing on speed and cost efficiency.

Training Data:

Trained on a curated subset of the datasets used for other Claude 3 models, ensuring quick response times while maintaining accuracy.

Performance Metrics:

Optimized for speed with satisfactory accuracy, particularly in straightforward applications.

Comparison to Other Models:

Faster and more economical than other Claude 3 models but with reduced complexity handling.


Code Samples/SDK:

Ethical Considerations

Ethical Guidelines:

  • Adheres to Anthropic’s standards for ethical AI development and use.

Bias Mitigation:

  • Efforts to reduce bias, with ongoing evaluations to improve fairness.


  • Accessible under both commercial and non-commercial licensing options.

References: Anthropic Model-Card


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