Claude 3 Opus
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Claude 3 Opus

Claude-3-Opus - advanced AI for text and image processing, enhanced multilingual support.

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Claude 3 Opus

Claude-3-Opus API excels in complex reasoning, coding, and multilingual communication.

Claude 3 Opus

Model Overview Card for Claude-3-Opus

Basic Information

Model Name: Claude-3-Opus

Developer/Creator: Anthropic

Release Date: March 2024

Version: Opus

Model Type: Multimodal AI (text and image processing)

Context window: 200K



Claude-3-Opus is a highly capable AI model designed to process and analyze both text and image data. It excels in tasks requiring complex reasoning, mathematical problem-solving, coding, and multilingual text understanding.

Key Features:
  • Multimodal capabilities: Processes images alongside text for richer context analysis.
  • Superior performance on benchmarks like GPQA, MMLU, and MMMU.
  • Improved fluency in non-English languages, enhancing global usability.
  • Seamless integration with cloud services and custom workflows.
Intended Use:

Claude 3 Sonnet is proficient in a variety of tasks, including:

  • Engaging in open-ended discussions and idea development.
  • Handling coding tasks and text-related functions like searching, composing, editing, structuring, and summarizing.
  • Analyzing visual data such as charts, graphs, and images to enhance productivity and facilitate decision-making.
  • Tackling specialized tasks that demand intricate content creation, analysis, forecasting, and precise summarization.
Language Support:

Supports multiple languages, with enhanced capabilities for non-English languages.

Technical Details


  • Uses a blend of unsupervised and supervised learning techniques, integrating Constitutional AI for ethical alignment.

Training Data:

  • Trained on a mix of public internet data and proprietary datasets as of August 2023, with a focus on ethical data usage and diversity.

Performance Metrics:

  • Sets new standards in AI benchmarks, excelling in tasks requiring reasoning, language processing, and coding abilities.

Comparison to Other Models:

  • Demonstrates superior performance compared to previous models in the Claude series and other contemporaneous AI models.


Code Samples/SDK:

Ethical Considerations

  • Developed under Anthropic’s Responsible AI Use and Scaling Policy to ensure ethical use and deployment.


  • Commercial and non-commercial licensing options are available.

References: Anthropic Model-Card

Claude 3 Opus

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