Gemma 2 (9B)
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Gemma 2 (9B)

Gemma 2 (9B): Efficient, open-source language model with competitive performance.

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Gemma 2 (9B)

Google Gemma 2 (9B) API represents a significant step forward in the development of efficient and powerful language models.

Gemma 2 (9B)

Google Gemma 2 (9B) is a state-of-the-art open language model developed by Google, designed to provide high-performance natural language processing capabilities in a relatively compact size. As part of the Gemma family of models, it represents a significant advancement in the field of lightweight yet powerful language models.

Model Overview Card Gemma 2 (9B)

  • Model Name: Google Gemma 2 (9B)
  • Developer: Google
  • Release Date: 2024
  • Version: 2
  • Model Type: Text (Language Model)


Gemma 2 (9B) is a 9 billion parameter language model that offers competitive performance compared to larger models while maintaining a practical size. It is designed to be an open model, allowing for widespread use and adaptation by the developer community.

Key Features
  • Interleaved local-global attentions
  • Group-query attention
  • Trained using knowledge distillation
  • Competitive performance against models 2-3 times larger
  • Open-source availability

Technical Details


The Gemma 2 (9B) model incorporates several technical modifications to enhance its performance:

  1. Interleaved local-global attentions: This technique, based on the work of Beltagy et al. (2020a), allows the model to efficiently process both local and global context information.
  2. Group-query attention: Implemented based on the research by Ainslie et al. (2023), this mechanism likely improves the model's ability to handle complex queries and relationships within the text.
  3. Knowledge distillation: Unlike its predecessor, which used next token prediction, Gemma 2 (9B) is trained using knowledge distillation techniques. This approach, pioneered by Hinton et al. (2015), allows the model to learn from a larger, more complex model while maintaining a smaller size.
Performance Metrics

The model is described as delivering "the best performance for their size" and offering "competitive alternatives to models that are 2-3 × bigger".


Code samples
Ethical Considerations

While not explicitly mentioned in the provided information, it's important for developers to consider potential biases in the model's outputs and use it responsibly. As with any large language model, care should be taken to ensure that the model's responses are appropriate and do not perpetuate harmful biases or misinformation.


Gemma is provided under and subject to the Gemma Terms of Use found at


Google Gemma 2 (9B) represents a significant step forward in the development of efficient and powerful language models. Its innovative architecture and training techniques allow it to achieve impressive performance while maintaining a relatively small size. This makes it an attractive option for developers who need high-quality language processing capabilities but may have constraints on computational resources.For software developers looking to integrate advanced language processing into their applications, Gemma 2 (9B) offers a compelling balance of performance and practicality. Its open-source nature also allows for customization and fine-tuning to specific use cases, making it a versatile tool in the natural language processing toolkit.

Gemma 2 (9B)

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