Mixtral 7B
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Mixtral 7B

Powered by AI/ML and Mistral AI, delivering ChatGPT-level output. up to 80% cheaper than GPT-3.5 - From $0.50 per 1 million tokens.

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Mixtral 7B

Mixtral 7B API excels in complex tasks like language translation, and content creation, surpassing Llama models and matching ChatGPT's capabilities.

Mixtral 7B

The Model

OpenAI Compatible Chat API, offering assistance, interpreting text, converting between languages, and crafting expert-level content. The capabilities of Mixtral 7B are extensive, making it highly effective for logical reasoning, global intelligence, text analysis, programming challenges, and beyond. Try out at our AI API Playground.

What are Use Cases for Mixtral 7B?

The Mixtral 7B API offers a broad spectrum of functionalities, making it ideal for diverse uses such as providing automated client assistance, generating content, translating languages, analyzing emotions, among others. It excels in situations that demand the comprehension and production of human-like language.

How does it compare to ChatGPT and LLaMA?

Mixtral 7B performance is on par with ChatGPT 3.5. It surpasses the Llama 2 13B model across all benchmarks and equals or surpasses the Llama 1 34B in numerous aspects, showcasing its superior proficiency and capability.


  • Dialogues typically start with an initial message from the system, setting the tone for the chat interactions. This message can be tailored and isn't always required.
  • User messages consist of inquiries or remarks, and the assistant's replies build on prior exchanges or showcase the expected conduct.
  • When users refer back to earlier discussions, it's useful to have a record of the conversation, since the models don't retain past interactions.
Mixtral 7B

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