May 14, 2024

ChatGPT-4o. Sparks of AGI in your phone.

Discover GPT-4o, OpenAI's latest AI innovation. More human-like than ever. Explore its exciting new features now!

Exciting news for AI enthusiasts! The OpenAI conference in May 2024 showcased a major breakthrough: the GPT-4o is a significant upgrade that combines audio, visual, and text processing in real-time. This multimodal capability allows users to generate any combination of these mediums, marking a significant leap toward AGI.

List of Updates and Features

  • Limited Free Access: Users will have free access to the GPT Store, memory function, browse function, and advanced data analysis, improving their experience with the AI and boosting ChatGPT's multilingual abilities.
  • Desktop App for macOS: A desktop app for ChatGPT will streamline processes through assigned keyboard shortcuts, making interaction with the AI faster and easier.
  • Increased Speed: The new model is significantly faster, making long-form generation much more accessible.
  • Refreshed User Interface: A more natural and intuitive user interface is being introduced to make interactions with the model easier and enhance the overall user experience
  • API Integration: GPT-4o will be available through our API, allowing developers to incorporate the AI model as a text and vision model into their applications, opening new possibilities in AI development.

GPT-4o Capabilities

The capabilities of the GPT-4o announced at the OpenAI Conference in May 2024, extend over two main areas. The impressive increased speed and its multimodal functions led to its use as a perfect AI Assistant. Let's look at the showcase of its capabilities.

Its translation speed is on par, actually serving to translate your speech in real-time. It puts any Voice Assistant, and even Google Translate out of job with ease.

GPT Store and Memory Function

The latest iteration, GPT-4o offers a host of new features, including the GPT Store, memory function, browse function, and advanced data analysis. Free users of ChatGPT will now have access to these advanced capabilities, reflecting OpenAI's mission to make its tools accessible to more people.

GPT-4o is equipped with GPT-4's intelligence - but performs faster and more responsively in daily use. It can process and respond more naturally in conversation, reduce the lag between query and response, and allow interruptions in the conversation for a more fluid interaction similar to human conversations. This creates a more user-friendly and efficient AI experience.

Language Support and Accessibility

Unlike Claude 3, which limits its availability in other countries, ChatGPT-4o is going all in. OpenAI has taken a major step toward inclusivity by improving ChatGPT's capabilities in 50 languages. This broad language support intends to make its AI tools accessible to a wider audience around the globe. Moreover, they plan to further increase language support with Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback. This great accessibility most likely goes in line with Microsoft's plans to use the AI in its Copilot.

What's next?

May brought us GPT-4o, making AI more accessible and applied. Hundreds of Voice Assistant apps are going to pop up using ChatGPT API, but the month is not over yet. Google is planning to showcase new products at Google I/O. And they're expected to give us something to marvel at - unless they want to be pushed aside by the emerging power of OpenAI. Remarkable month for the field of AI, the expectations are set as high as ever, and we'll have to see the wave of transformative impact unfold in the coming months.

Author: Sergey Nuzhnyy.

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