May 30, 2024

Codestral. Your Mistral Model for all things coding

Discover Codestral, your go-to Mistral AI model for coding. Explore features, capabilities, and industry partnerships.

Exploring Codestral AI Model

Introduction to Codestral AI

Codestral is a state-of-the-art generative AI model developed by Mistral, a Paris-based AI startup. With an impressive 22 billion parameters, Codestral is specifically designed to handle coding tasks across more than 80 programming languages, including SQL, Python, Java, C, C++, Swift, and Fortran. This robust model is available under a non-commercial license and has already been adopted by industry leaders such as JetBrains, SourceGraph, and LlamaIndex.

Features and Capabilities of Codestral

Codestral AI is packed with features that make it stand out among other coding-focused AI models. Here are some of its key features and capabilities:

  • Extensive Language Support: Codestral supports over 80 programming languages, making it versatile for various coding environments and projects.
  • Large Parameter Size: With 22 billion parameters, it is surprisingly light for a code model, substantially outmodels like CodeLlama 70B and Deepseek Coder 33B.
  • Context Length: The model has a context length of 32K, enabling it to handle larger codebases and more complex tasks.
  • Generative Abilities: Codestral can generate code from scratch, complete coding functions, write tests, and fill in partial code, significantly improving developer productivity and reducing errors.

Performance Metrics

Codestral has been tested on various evaluation platforms, consistently outperforming other models. Below is a table summarizing its performance:

Codestral's performance metrics highlight its efficiency and reliability in various programming tasks. Moreover, such a small model outperforming any LLM was previously rare, which is an important stepping stone for the industry. This is the second announcement from Mistral within a month, with support from the French president Emmanuel Macron and investments from Microsoft.

By leveraging Codestral, developers can save time, reduce bugs, and enhance the overall quality of their code. The model's ability to handle complex coding tasks makes it a valuable tool for AI enthusiasts and professionals alike. If you'd like to move from ChatGPT 4o to Mistral, we've got you covered.

Future of Codestral

With all eyes on Mistral right now, such performance results are more than impressive. It surely lacks comparison with Claude or the ChatGPT family of models, but the number of training parameters is so far apart that maybe avoiding such confrontation is best for now. With Google's most recent AI overviews falling flat on its face - it's a nice change of pace for an up-and-coming AI competitor to bring some fire to the game. Would be interesting to see, how much a 2T Mistral model could do in terms of competing with Claude Opus - but that's likely a fantasy, not needed for the French swift and budget-friendly models.

If you want to see Codestral on our platform - check it through our AI API, or go to Discord and ping the owners. People need their coding AIs!

Author: Sergey Nuzhnyy.

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