June 1, 2024

Mistral AI is the main AI player in EU. Macron shows support

Discover how Mistral AI is shaping the EU's tech scene with Macron's support and Microsoft's investment.

About Mistral AI

A French startup Mistral AI is creating cutting-edge AI models that generate text and other content. With their recent releases including a lightweight Mistral 7B v0.3 and Codestral (coming to our platform soon). Founded by three talented tech experts in their 30s: Arthur Mensch (formerly of Google), Guillaume Lample (a Meta veteran), and Timothée Lacroix (also from Meta). Their goal was to make these AI tools accessible and beneficial for both developers and businesses.

Tech Industry Landscape

Europe has been making significant strides in the tech industry, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. The continent is home to a number of innovative AI companies and startups, and Mistral AI has emerged as a leading player in the European AI scene. The region's commitment to advancing AI technology is evident through substantial investments and support from both private and public sectors.

France, in particular, has become a hub for AI innovation, with President Emmanuel Macron emphasizing the importance of accelerating, innovating, and investing in AI in his recent interviews. The French government has been actively supporting AI companies, recognizing the potential of AI to drive economic growth and technological advancement.

Mistral AI's Impact

Mistral AI takes a unique approach by prioritizing open-source development for its LLMs. This means the underlying code and data used to train these models are freely available for anyone to access and modify. This approach fosters collaboration and innovation within the AI community, allowing developers to build upon Mistral's foundation and create new applications. Additionally, Mistral AI offers commercial models with enhanced capabilities for businesses seeking more specialized solutions.

Investment by Microsoft and market evaluation

Recently, Mistral AI has garnered significant attention due to a substantial investment by Microsoft. The tech giant invested 15 million euros ($16.3 million) in Mistral AI, showing interest in its competitor. This isn't by any means a huge part of its $2 billion evaluation, with the startup reaching for $6 billion in the near future. Such growth is underscoring the growing importance of European AI ventures within the global tech landscape.

Aiming for the US market

The company also capitalizes on the growing US market, aiming to enter the big race and provide an alternative to the well-known models by OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic. This will surely play well into its market evaluation, but only time will show if they have a chance of staying independent from Tech Giants investments as Emmanuel Macron hopes.

France's Rise as an AI Hub

France, in particular, has become a hotbed for AI innovation. The French government has recognized the potential of AI to drive economic growth and technological advancement. They actively support AI companies like Mistral AI through various initiatives, including grants, tax breaks, and research partnerships. This strong government support has helped create a fertile ground for AI startups to flourish in France.

Macron's Vision for Mistral AI

French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed strong support for Mistral AI, viewing it as a key component in his broader vision for France's technological future. Macron aims to position France as the third major global tech force, competing with the dominance of the U.S. and China. 

"It's insane to have a world where the big giants just come from China and the U.S.," Macron told CNBC.

French President Emmanuel Macron emphasized his belief in Mistral AI's potential to become a major European player in the field of AI: "We need much more European big players, and I think Mistral AI can be one of them," Macron said of France's leading AI company.

Macron's vision includes creating a vibrant and ambitious European ecosystem in the tech industry. By supporting companies like Mistral AI, he hopes to foster innovation, attract investments, and drive advancements in AI technologies. Macron also highlighted other notable French AI startups, such as H, which recently raised $220 million from its initial round of financing according to Bloomberg, contributing to this ambitious goal. This endorsement of Mistral AI signals a commitment to strengthening Europe's position in the global tech landscape.

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Author: Osama Akhlaq.

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