Claude 3 Sonnet
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Claude 3 Sonnet

Efficient, quick-response multimodal AI for diverse, real-time applications.

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Claude 3 Sonnet

Claude-3-Sonnet API balances speed with performance, excels in multilingual tasks, and integrates seamlessly with cloud platforms.

Claude 3 Sonnet

Claude-3-Sonnet Model Card

Basic Information

Model Name: Claude-3-Sonnet

Developer/Creator: Anthropic

Release Date: March 2024

Version: Sonnet 

Model Type: Multimodal AI (text and image processing)

Context window: 200K



Sonnet is engineered to balance performance and speed, positioning it as an excellent option for applications that need both high efficiency and robust capabilities. As a multimodal model like its counterparts, Sonnet can process and analyze both text and image data.

Key Features:
  • Multimodal input capability: Handles text and image data simultaneously.
  • Optimized for a balance between skill and operational speed.
  • Suitable for applications requiring quick response times.
  • Seamless cloud integration for easy deployment and scalability.
Intended Use:

Ideal for real-time applications in content creation, customer support, and interactive services where response speed is critical.

Claude 3 Sonnet excels in detailed content creation, precise summarization, and managing complex scientific inquiries. 

Language Support:

The model shows enhanced skills in non-English languages and coding tasks, broadening its applicability across diverse global use cases.

Technical Details


Utilizes a combination of unsupervised learning techniques and supervised fine-tuning, integrating Constitutional AI for ethical alignment.

Training Data:

Trained on a diverse mix of internet-sourced and proprietary datasets as of August 2023, prioritizing ethical data practices.

Performance Metrics:

Balances computational efficiency with robust performance in real-time applications.

Comparison to Other Models:

For most workloads, Sonnet delivers performance that is twice as fast as Claude 2 and Claude 2.1, while also demonstrating superior intelligence. It shines in tasks that require quick responses, such as retrieving information or automating sales processes.


Code Samples/SDK:

Ethical Considerations

  • Developed under Anthropic’s Responsible AI Use and Scaling Policy.


  • Available under both commercial and non-commercial terms.

References: Anthropic Model-Card

Claude 3 Sonnet

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