Code Llama Instruct (70B)
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Code Llama Instruct (70B)

Cutting-edge AI model for Code Llama, enhancing instruction with precision.

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Code Llama Instruct (70B)

CodeLlama-70B-Instruct: Meta's AI model tailored for code tasks, excelling in code completion and chatbot applications. Suitable for research and commercial use.

Code Llama Instruct (70B)


CodeLlama-70B-Instruct is a variant of the CodeLlama AI model series developed by Meta. It is specifically designed for instruction following and robust performance in code-related tasks.

The Model

CodeLlama-70b-Instruct is part of the CodeLlama family of large language models (LLMs). It is an instruction-tuned lange language model based on CodeLlama-70B. The model has been fine-tuned with up to 16K tokens. This variant of CodeLlama comes with 70B parameters, making it suitable for complex code synthesis and understanding tasks.

Use Cases

The CodeLlama-70B-Instruct model is designed for commercial and research use in English and relevant programming languages. It is particularly suitable for code synthesis and understanding tasks and as a code assistant.

Text and Code Generation

The CodeLlama-70B-Instruct model is suitable for building chatbots that can generate text based on programming queries or assist users in writing code snippets.

Retrieval Augmented Generation and Function Calling

This model is applicable for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) applications where it can retrieve relevant code snippets or information from a knowledge base and generate responses. Additionally, it can handle function calling by understanding and executing code instructions.


The CodeLlama-70B-Instruct model is capable of assisting in educational tasks related to coding by providing explanations, generating code examples, and facilitating content moderation tasks within educational platforms. In particular, this model is intended for commercial and research use in English and relevant programming languages (Python).

How It Compares to Competitors

Comparing CodeLlama-70b-Instruct to its competitors involves evaluating its performance in terms of code synthesis and understanding. It shows competitive results on various code evaluation benchmarks among other leading models for code generation, i.e. DeepseekCoder. CodeLlama-70b-Instruct is especially useful for Python code generation tasks.


To use CodeLlama-70b-Instruct for chats and either text or code completion tasks, you can use AI/ML API. Sign up on this website to get access to the API. For prompt formatting, you can use the official tokenizer's chat template from the model's Huggingface repository. If you want to use the model locally, you need to install the Huggingface transformers Python library.


The CodeLlama-70B-Instruct model is governed by the Llama 2 community license agreement. You can check the license in the model's repository on Huggingface or GitHub.


CodeLlama-70b-Instruct-hf is a powerful AI model designed for instruction following and code-related tasks. With its optimized transformer architecture and fine-tuned parameters, it offers advanced capabilities for code synthesis, understanding, and completion. Developers can leverage this model for a wide range of programming languages and applications, making it a valuable tool in software development and automation.

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Code Llama Instruct (70B)

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