Nous Hermes-2 Yi (34B)
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Nous Hermes-2 Yi (34B)

Nous-Hermes-2-Yi-34B is a state-of-the-art AI language model with impressive capabilities across various applications

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Nous Hermes-2 Yi (34B)

Nous-Hermes-2-Yi-34B presents a promising large language model with great abilities in understanding complex questions and reasoning.

Nous Hermes-2 Yi (34B)


The large language model known as Nous-Hermes-2-Yi-34B is a state-of-the-art finetuned model of the Yi family, developed by NousResearch. This model represents an advancement in natural language processing, offering cutting-edge capabilities for various applications.

The Model

Nous-Hermes-2-Yi-34B is a transformer-based language model with an impressive size of 34 billion parameters. The model has been trained on a vast amount of diverse data to enhance its ability to generate high-quality and contextually relevant text.

Use Cases for the Model

Nous-Hermes-2-Yi-34B shows an impressive array of capabilities that lend themselves well to a variety of applications across different domains. Its good common sense reasoning, intricate understanding of complex questions, adeptness in cause-and-effect relationships, and ability to align with personal tastes and preferences make it a versatile tool for numerous tasks.

Customer service and support systems

The model's ability to comprehend intricate questions and provide sophisticated responses could significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of chatbots and virtual assistants. It could handle diverse inquiries ranging from product recommendations to troubleshooting technical issues, delivering personalized and insightful solutions to users.


Furthermore, the Nous-Hermes-2-Yi-34B could be utilized in educational settings to aid in tutoring and personalized learning experiences. Its strong grip on complex reasoning tasks and logical reasoning skills make it well-suited for assisting students in understanding difficult concepts, solving challenging problems, and even providing tailored feedback based on individual learning styles and preferences.

Decision support systems

This model could offer valuable insights and recommendations by analyzing cause-and-effect relationships in complex datasets. Whether it's assisting in strategic planning, risk assessment, or policy formulation, the Nous-Hermes-2-Yi-34B's ability to make sense of intricate relationships could help stakeholders make more informed and effective decisions.

How It Compares to Competitors

To validate its capabilities, the model has undergone rigorous benchmark testing across various tasks. In the GPT4All benchmark, it demonstrated impressive performance across different domains. For instance, in the Arc Challenge, it showcased strong accuracy in complex reasoning tasks, while in BoolQ, it excelled in understanding and responding to complicated questions. Additionally, its performance in BigBench's Causal Judgement task highlighted its solid grasp of cause-and-effect relationships, further affirming its suitability for decision support applications.

Despite its high performance across multiple benchmarks, there are areas where the model can still improve. For instance, while it excelled in logical reasoning tasks such as AGIEval LSAT LR, there is room for growth in challenges like AGIEval Aqua Rat, suggesting opportunities for further development in certain aspects of higher-level intelligence.


Familiarize yourself with the ChatML prompt format to communicate effectively with the model. The same format is supported by OpenAI endpoints. Therefore, you can utilize the model in a similar way as the OpenAI API, ensuring easy integration into existing systems. Consider AI/ML API to utilize the model for streamlined access and usage in various applications. You can sign up for access to the model on this website. For any further questions or assistance, feel free to contact us on Discord.

License Agreement

Nous-Hermes-2-Yi-34B is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. This license allows users to modify and distribute the model's code and derivatives while ensuring compliance with open-source standards and legal requirements.


In conclusion, Nous-Hermes-2-Yi-34B represents a significant advancement in AI language models, offering powerful capabilities for text generation, instruction following, and more. Its large parameter size, advanced training techniques, and superior performance compared to competitors make it a valuable asset for various AI applications, contributing to enhanced user experiences and innovative solutions in natural language processing.

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Nous Hermes-2 Yi (34B)

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