Open-Assistant Pythia SFT-4 (12B)
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Open-Assistant Pythia SFT-4 (12B)

Open-Assistant Pythia SFT-4 12B parameter model for assistant-like interactions.

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Open-Assistant Pythia SFT-4 (12B)

Open-Assistant Pythia SFT-4 (12B) API is a large language model fine-tuned on human-generated conversations for creating AI assistants.

Open-Assistant Pythia SFT-4 (12B)

Open-Assistant Pythia SFT-4 (12B) Model Overview

Basic Information
  • Model Name: Open-Assistant Pythia SFT-4 (12B)
  • Developer/Creator: Open-Assistant Contributors
  • Release Date: March 25, 2023 (or earlier)
  • Version: 4th iteration
  • Model Type: Text Generation / Language Model

The Open-Assistant Pythia SFT-4 (12B) is the fourth iteration of the English supervised fine-tuning (SFT) model developed by the Open-Assistant project. It is based on the Pythia 12B architecture and has been fine-tuned on human demonstrations of assistant conversations collected through the human feedback web app.

Key Features
  • Large language model with 12 billion parameters
  • Fine-tuned on high-quality human-generated conversations
  • Capable of understanding and generating human-like text
  • Designed for assistant-like interactions
  • Supports English language
Intended Use

The model is intended for use in various natural language processing tasks, particularly in creating AI assistants capable of engaging in human-like conversations, answering questions, and performing language-related tasks.Technical DetailsArchitecture

  • Base Model: EleutherAI / pythia-12b-deduped
  • Architecture: GPTNeoXForCausalLM (Transformer-based)
  • Parameters: 12 billion
Training Data
  • Source: Human demonstrations of assistant conversations collected through
  • Cut-off Date: Before March 25, 2023
  • Data Diversity: Conversations on various topics simulating assistant interactions
Performance Metrics

While specific performance metrics are not provided in the available information, the model is expected to perform well on assistant-like tasks due to its specialized training.


Code Sample

Ethical Guidelines

Users should be aware of potential biases in the model's outputs and use it responsibly, avoiding harmful or discriminatory applications.

License Type

The model is released under the Apache 2.0 license, which allows for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Open-Assistant Pythia SFT-4 (12B)

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