May 13, 2024

Zero-shot Prompting

Zero-Shot Prompting Explained

Zero-shot prompting is a technique where large language models like GPT-4 and Claude 3 are to perform tasks without any examples or demonstrations provided in the prompt. This is possible due to large amounts of data, provided in the training. This ability is especially important in situations where getting few-shot examples for chain of thought prompting is challenging.

A basic example is a prompt with no prior ing:


Michael has a collection of 12 colorful marbles. 
He loses 3 while playing outside. 
To cheer himself up, he buys 7 new marbles at the store. 
Later, he gives 4 marbles to his friend.

How many marbles does Michael have left?



ChatGPT-3 answer has given a false answer (should be 12). With zero-shot approach we give the question straight, and so the model is more likely to fail. To solve this problem, you could use Chain-of-Thought or few-shot prompts, or choose a more modern LLM from our API's collection, like ChatGPT-4. But how did the devs solve this?

Instruction Tuning

Instruction tuning is a technique used to enhance the zero-shot learning capabilities of AI models. It involves aligning the model's behavior with human preferences and expectations through the use of instructions. By fine-tuning the model's responses based on instructions, developers can ensure that the chatbot provides more accurate and desirable outputs.

Recent developments in instruction tuning include the adoption of reinforcement learning from human feedback to scale the tuning process. This approach allows developers to leverage human-generated feedback to guide and refine the model's responses. ChatGPT, a popular chatbot model, has benefited from instruction tuning and reinforcement learning integration, resulting in improved performance and a more tailored user experience.

By combining zero-shot learning with instruction tuning, developers can create chatbots that are capable of understanding prompts and instructions in a more nuanced and accurate manner. This not only enhances the chatbot's ability to perform tasks but also improves its overall usability and user satisfaction.

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