May 23, 2024

5 Real Use-Cases of ChatGPT 4o

GPT-4o, a new AI tool by OpenAI, combines text, vision & voice for real-time applications. We'll explore 5 businesses that already found success, putting it to use.

Current state of ChatGPT

This Month, OpenAI announced a new ChatGPT Model - ChatGPT 4o. This next-generation model offers a multitude of features and capabilities that were previously limited to paid subscriptions, making it a game-changer for both users and developers. The announcement of GPT-4o represents a significant leap forward in AI technology, opening up the talks of AGI and revolutionizing the world.

Features of ChatGPT 4o are very distinct, it being the first lightweight model to rival the flagship competition. This article explores the potential of ChatGPT 4o by diving into three real-world applications that are already up and running, gathering support from the community and funding. These are not just ideas - but thought-out projects brought to life by teams - or single engineers. We'll go into the functionalities, potential benefits, and realistic considerations for each application, providing a glimpse into the exciting future powered by AI.

So, let's talk about how AI is actually changing the market right now.

ChatGPT 4o in Businesses

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organization, created Khanmigo, an AI-powered teaching assistant. Khanmigo uses AI to generate creative lesson plans, suggest student groupings, and level educational texts. This helps teachers and parents save time and personalize learning for students.

Khanmigo is an agile tool for learning

Microsoft recently partnered with Khan Academy to make Khanmigo's teacher tools free for all school teachers in the US. Microsoft will also donate Azure infrastructure to power Khanmigo and collaborate on developing new AI tools for math tutoring. Khan Academy believes AI can personalize learning and make teaching more manageable, ultimately helping more students succeed.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce CRM has integrated ChatGPT to improve its customer experience and streamline operations. The AI model helps in creating validation rules, formulas, and classes. Additionally, it powers chatbots for customer support and lead generation. This integration allows Salesforce to offer directly faster and better service to its clients.

ChatGPT called EinsteinGPT - used in Slack, customer relations, and workflow automation

The part of custom AI built on top of ChatGPT that's sold to the Salesforce clients is called EinsteinGPT, and of course, they have a cool mascot to increase marketability.

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3. Duolingo

Duolingo has incorporated ChatGPT 4 into its learning app, in the form of an extra-premium subscription tier, Duolingo Max on launch users could ask it to explain their answer, or even partake in roleplay conversations with AI to hone their skills. All the roleplay scenarios were curated by human education experts within Duolingo.

This integration ensures that users receive tailored learning experiences, so necessary for an engaging teaching app like Duolingo.

4. Mastercard

The obvious use for any public-facing company is to get an AI as a customer service provider. But what's the most logical step for the company overseeing millions of transactions? That's right, fraud detection. Here are the results according to Mastercard's announcement/report:

  • The detection rate of compromised cards has been doubled
  • 200% less false positives of fraudulent transactions
  • 300% increase in speed of detection of merchants who were compromised or even at risk of fraud.

5. Instacart

Instacart has integrated ChatGPT 4o into its grocery-delivery app to enhance customer engagement. Customers can ask food-related questions and receive "buyable" answers directly from the product data. This integration not only improves the customer experience but also boosts sales by suggesting relevant products. This makes Instacart a more convenient platform, as relevant suggestions are ok with the users too.

AI Recommendations from Instacart

How to access ChatGPT 4o?

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Future Prospects with ChatGPT 4o

The future of ChatGPT 4o is brimming with exciting prospects that promise to revolutionize the way we interact with AI. Let's explore some noteworthy initiatives that harness the potential of ChatGPT 4o. The professional applications of GPT-4o are as diverse as they are impactful, revolutionizing the way work is done in various industries.

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We're excited to see what amazing projects you will bring to life. Happy coding!

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