May 14, 2024

ChatGPT-4o. 7 features you might've missed.

Read all about the features ofGPT-4o, OpenAI's latest AI model. Exciting new opportunitites, and a couple of breakthroughs!

The field of artificial intelligence continues to evolve with breathtaking speed, and at the forefront of these advancements is OpenAI. Their latest offering, Chat GPT 4o, represents a significant milestone in the journey of AI development. Now that the presentation is over, let's get a quick overview of the product

Introduction to GPT-4o

GPT-4o, the newest flagship model from OpenAI, was unveiled to the world with much anticipation and excitement. It's described as "Omni" for its versatile capabilities, a testament to its ability to process and generate text, audio, and images in real-time. This is a significant leap from previous iterations, expanding the boundaries of what AI can achieve.

This model is not just a tool for programmers or AI researchers; it's designed to be used by anyone interested in leveraging the power of AI. Whether you're an artist looking to create unique designs, a student seeking help with homework, or a business owner wanting to develop an intelligent chatbot, GPT-4o can cater to a wide range of needs.

Comprehensive feature review

Now that the press conference is over, and we've seen the amazing voice recognition and voice generation, let's see what else was shown that you might've missed.

1. ChatGPT can teach

Ok, a dialogue with realistic responses was cool. But look at this showcase of Ai's tutoring abilities! 

To break it down: you share your iPad screen with ChatGPT 4o, and it can see everything and respond in real time. That's by definition the essence of a multi-modal AI. Clean.

Previously AI AI-generated learning content was a problematic staple of the Internet. Now, as AI climbs the ladders of graduate maths and spatial reasoning, we might get a lot more thoughtful content. It also gets cheaper, and starts to understand more languages - so this might be a breakthrough on our hands.

2. It can process videos

This follows directly from the previous one. If AI can process video and audio in real-time, it can process any piece of content for you. This means that you get a comprehensive study companion. Any aspiring dev can take its API and improve upon this functionality and interface to create a tutoring product.

Video analysis

3. Spatial awareness

One of the previous AI pitfalls was that it barely understood the locations of objects. Give it one too many variables, and you get a complete mess.

Surprisingly, here's what we saw in the press release:

ChatGPT 4o output, three cubes stacked on top of each other

An amazing, clean result. Compare this to an output by Stable Diffusion XL

Cubes stacked on top of each other, Stable Diffusion XL

Such a difference is new, and it probably affects mathematical reasoning positively.

4. Clear writing

You might've noticed the letters on those cubes were suspiciously clean. Well, get used to it, because ChatGPT is acing both type and handwriting:

An output with completely discernable writing

Look at how lively this looks:

Generated handwriting

5. Multiple Languages

This feature is twofold. First - ChatGPT 4o API is now cheaper in non-English languages. Each symbol takes up fewer tokens, which means that natural language processing has gone better.

Tokenization of different languages

Such developments are exactly what helps it serve as a real-time translator. With time, the model is planned to improve its performance in all languages, using reinforcement learning from human feedback.

Second - ChatGPT 4o has directly better language recognition performance:

GPT-4o leaves Whisper in the dust

6. It's beating other AI Models on Benchmarks

Here are the official provided benchmarks for ChatGPT 4o performance:

Benchmarks for Zero-shot and Zero-shot Chain of Thought prompts

Here, OpenAI used zero-shot, and zero-shot Chain of Thought prompts, which we've covered in the academy. The results show how the model is leading the race, even beating state-of-the-art Claude 3. With OpenAI openly tweeting that they plan to improve their model beyond ChatGPT 4 Turbo on all fronts - this lead is likely to grow.

7. It's fast

It can translate speech in real-time, and it's lightning-fast with text generation. This is one of the fastest models we've seen and with how lightweight it is, we are likely to see most software use this model pretty soon.

What does the future hold?

While ChatGPT 4o is the most versatile model on the market, it's still not the lightest - and certainly isn't the cheapest. And the improvement we've seen in many important metrics like text recognition is only so incremental. We can't wait to see what the future models will look like. For now - you can try out our free models in AI Playground, or go full throttle and compare 100+ Models with CatGPT 4o with the use of our all-in-one API.


Source: OpenAI press release.

Author: Sergey Nuzhnyy.

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